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Julianna’s Order - Disney and Dumpster Fires

These are more expensive, because they come on heavy duty, sturdy badge holders. The Disney head attachment may vary in style. All items are mix and match buy 3 get 1 FREE with promo code B3G1. Flat single rate shipping! Tax included. FREE shipping on USA orders $55 and up. Sturdy magnets, buttons, retractable reel badge holders, keychains, phone grips, and stethoscope ID tags! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESS!


Badge reel:♥ Measures 1.5 inches across.♥ Retractable ID badge reel with clear plastic strap.♥ Cord length 34"♥ Choose between a swivel alligator clip or a belt clip.Heavy Duty Badge Reel (This is a $5 upgrade that must be added to order):♥ Belt Clip.♥ Black /Chrome Heavy-Duty Badge Reel.♥ 24" Steel Cable Cord.♥ Reinforced Vinyl Strap.Stethoscope ID Tag:♥ Measures 1.5" diameter.♥ The back provides a strip to write in your name. The tag clips together and locks onto your steth tubing. Once attached, the tag is hard to remove offering a secure identifier.♥ DOES NOT FIT THICKER BARREL STETHOSCOPES SUCH AS THE LITTMANN CARDIOLOGY SERIES STETHOSCOPES.

Julianna’s Order - Disney and Dumpster Fires

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